Prof. Ph.D. Aaro Hazak, Tallinn University of Technology

Aaro Hazak (, Professor of Institutional Economics, Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia); Visiting Researcher, University of Helsinki (Finland), Visiting Researcher, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (Finland). He has led several research grant projects and applied studies on the regulatory and broader institutional context of sustainable socio-economic development and individual wellbeing. He is leading the Horizon 2020 grant project Individual Behaviour and Economic Performance: Methodological Challenges and Institutional Context (IBEP; 2020-2023; funding EUR 900 ths) in consortium with economists and medical scientists from the University of Helsinki, Aalto University and Tel Aviv University. He was leader of the recently completed Horizon 2020 grant project Institutions for Knowledge Intensive Development (IKID, 2017-2021, EUR 1.3 million), focused on micro-level incentives and institutional mechanisms to facilitate knowledge creation and absorption in transition and developing economies. During his PhD studies he was a visiting doctoral scholar at Tel Aviv University (Israel), he has conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Zurich (Switzerland), and he has been a visiting researcher at Macquarie University (Australia), Buenos Aires University (Argentina), Bank of Estonia and other institutions. Aaro Hazak has given keynote speeches at numerous international conferences and guest lectures at various universities worldwide on the nexus of institutions, economic development and individual wellbeing, as well as on methodological issues. Apart from academic work, Aaro Hazak has over 15 years of international consultancy and applied studies experience in the areas of economic and financial analysis and modelling, due diligence, and regulatory compliance analyses.

During ISSEM 2019 he taught Development Economics and 2022 he is teaching this course again.