Program for International Alumni


The Alumni Program has traditionally been part of the ISSEM and ICEM throughout the past decade. We consider those people to be an "Alumni" who have been spending some time in Germany studying at a German university or an equivalent educational institution. More than 130 Cuban alumni who have studied in Germany participate in the program every year. This year, we would like to open the program internationally and encourage alumni from other countries to take part in the program as well.

ICEM 2015

All international Alumni will take part in International Conference of Economics and Management 2015.We specially encourage all Alumni to present their own paper and actively participate in a Panel. Please, review the general information on the ICEM on our website for more detailed information on the conference.


A traditional part of the alumni program is the "Actualidades Alemanes" course which takes place every day during the two weeks of the program. The course content relates to recent social, economic and political developments in Germany as well as German topics of general interest. All Alumni are welcome to ask for specific topics to be dealt with.


All alumni are welcome to take part in a German language course in order to refreshing their German language skills.

ISSEM 2015

All Alumni are invited to take part in the 2-weeks-long lectures taught at the International Summer School of Economics and Management 2015. Please, review the general information on the ISSEM on our website for more detailed information.


There will several social events like a German movie night, game night etc. and a excursions together with the students participating in the ISSEM.