Dr. Maria Grith pursued a Bachelor in International Economic Relations at the Faculty of Economics, Western University Timisoara and a Master’s Program in Economics and Management Science (M.Sc.) at Humboldt- Universität zu Berlin with majors in Economics and Statistics. She did her Ph.D. at the Institute of Statistics of the Economics Faculty, HU. Her topic ”Dynamics of Risk Attitudes” involved work on nonparametric statistics, financial mathematics and economics. She pursued postdoc- toral studies at Singapore Management University and was Carroline von Humboldt Fellow at Humboldt University.

In 2015 was nominated for the Hilda Geiringer Postdoctoral Position at the Collaborative Research Center 649 Economic Risk Berlin. This fall she will join the Warren Center for Network & Data Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania.

She has taught "Introduction to Financial Mathematics" at the ISSEM 2014 and the ISSEM 2015.