Impact Analysis

by Daniel Kemptner

The course Impact Analysis focuses on empirical approaches to answer the question: "What is the effect of a particular intervention or treatment?".

The terms "intervention / treatment" are broadly defined and we cover topics from Economics, Social Sciences and Development Studies. For instance, we will discuss case studies analyzing the impact of interventions such as the impact of job training on youth employment, the impact of parental allowance (Elterngeld) on young parents' labor supply or the impact of a minimum wage on the labor market.

Having completed the course, participants will be familiar with basic concepts such as Causality, Randomized Controlled Trial, Counterfactual Analysis, Potential Outcome Model etc.

While the course focuses on the methodology of impact evaluation, all concepts will be presented in an intuitive and accessible way and illustrated with many examples from empirical practice.

The lecture will be complemented by a tutorial in which participants themselves will be able to apply the concepts, drawing both on the empirical literature and case studies as well as the software STATA.