Selected Topics of Supply Chain Management

n.n.Daduna, Professor Dr. Joachim

The key element of Supply Chain Management (SCM) is an efficient structuring of in-company and especially cross-company business processes. In contrast to earlier approaches not the improvement of single sub-processes are in the focus but rather a sustainable overall performance considering economic as well as ecological aspects. Furthermore, the structuring of a supply chain is not limited to the organization of material flows based on logistics concepts. In addi-tion information and financial flows are also integrated. The funda-mental objective of SCM is to make organizations more globally competitive and to ensure their long-term economic success.    

In the first part of the lecture we look on essential basics of SCM. The main objective in this regard is to point out possibilities and boundaries as these provide the framework for applying SCM con-cepts. Based on this in the second part selected problems are pre-sented and discussed. In the beginning we start with location plan-ning as an important topic from strategic planning. This is followed by presentations on supplier selection as an example of the tactical planning level and on order quantity calculation as an example of the operational planning level. In the final part several areas of logistics information management are presented as a core component to link the different processes within supply chains.