Prof. Ph.D. Aaro Hazak, Tallinn University of Technology

Aaro Hazak, Professor of Institutional Economics, has led research grant projects and applied studies on the regulatory and broader institutional context of development into knowledge economies, companies’ R&D related decisions as well as working arrangements in R&D. He is leading the Horizon 2020 grant project “Institutions for Knowledge Intensive Development” (IKID, 2017-2020, USD 1.5 million), which is focused on micro level incentives and macro level institutional mechanisms to encourage and facilitate knowledge creation and absorption. He is leading the economic analysis work stream of the research grant project “Climate Change Mitigation with CCS and CCU Technologies” (WP4 of RiTa Grant No. RITA1/02-20: 2019-2021, USD 1.0 mill). He was Principal Investigator of the research grant project “Towards the Knowledge Economy: Incentives, Regulation and Capital Allocation” (PUT315, 2014-2017, USD 166 thousand) studying the mechanisms, regulatory incentives and challenges in transferring knowledge into economic value. Aaro Hazak has conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Zurich (Switzerland), studying the indicators of company failures. He has been a visiting fellow at Macquarie University (Australia), Buenos Aires University (Argentina), the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and other universities, doing research, developing new courses and lecturing on topics relating to companies’ R&D incentives and knowledge intensive development.  []

During ISSEM 2019 he taught Development Economics.