ISSEM 2019: International Summer School in Economics and Management

September 23rd - October 7th, 2019

This year, the courses start on September 23rd and end on October 4th. Some of the courses will take place in the faculty of Economics and some in the Hotel Habana Libre. The exams will be written on October 7th in Havana. 

Almost every day there are activities for Cuban and German students and teachers.

Who can participate?

Students from all over the world can participate and are invited to apply. It is not an internal summer school of the Humboldt University.

In our facebook group 'ISSEM 2019', as well as in the 'moodle course', all participants (not only HU students) can register and therby get in touch with each other. In the beginning of August we will organize another information meeting in Berlin for the participants, this is a good possibility to get to know each other. 

Dates & Deadlines

In the beginning of the summer semestre 2019 we will invite possible applicants to a General Information Meeting about ISSEM 2019.

Early Bird Deadline for Application: May 19th 2019

Apply now and we will appreciate your effort to planning in advance! We might pre-accept your application so that you can book your flights early. 

General Deadline for Application: June 16th 2019


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  • Phone: 030 2093-5672
  • Consulting Hour: by appointment