ISSEM Fee Waiver

We provide a limited amount of ISSEM Fee Waivers

A fee waiver consists in supporting the ISSEM-Team in organisation, documentation, evaluation or as a tutor. Fee waivers will be assigned considering:

- Academic congruence

- Motivation

For further information please contact the ISSEM Team.

Fee waiver for tutors

We are granting a fee waiver worth of (450€) to the tutor who will support the professor of lecture in the teaching process. The tutoring activity depends on the class subject and the teaching style of the professor.

We are looking for one tutor for each of the following classes:

- Economic Integration (taught by Prof. Dr. Burda, HU Berlin)

- Marketing (taught by Prof. Dr. Hildebrandt, HU Berlin)

- Panel Data Econometrics (taught by Prof. Dr. Martin Spieß, University of Hamburg)

- Management Simulation (taught by Alona Zharova, HU Berlin)

- Development Economics (taught by Amma Serwaah-Panin, Harvard University)

- International Accounting (taught by Ulf Brüggemann)

- Behavioral Economics (tba)

Please note that your tutoring activity will consume some time during the summer school and you therefore might not be able to take as many courses as other students. Of course, this depends heavily on your time management but we do want to underline that tutoring requires a commitment effort.